Safety Kit (Assembled & Fitted To Strut)



Please Order your strut required for fittement, This is labour & parts for kit required cost, you must choose your strut from standard struts/stainless steel struts listings nominated for fitement

KS142-18-FITTED SAFETY KIT 8-18 FITTED TO K175-K375 $18.37 Inc GST
KS242-18-FITTED SAFETY KIT 8-18 FITTED TO K385-K575 $20.75 Inc GST
KS356-18-FITTED SAFETY KIT 8-18 FITTED TO K585-K800 $23.34 Inc GST
KS152-22-FITTED SAFETY KIT 10-22 FITTED TO K250-K405 $20.53 Inc GST
KS252-22-FITTED SAFETY KIT 10-22 FITTED TO K430-K595 $23.61 Inc GST
KS352-22-FITTED SAFETY KIT 10-22 FITTED TO K620-K795 $26.69 Inc GST
KS467-22-FITTED SAFETY KIT 10-22 FITTED TO K816-K1035 $30.45 Inc GST
KS552-22-FITTED SAFETY KIT 10-22 FITTED TO K1100-K1200 $33.13 Inc GST