In order to further assist you with choosing the right strut we have a service to figure out exactly which strut is required for the application. For this please download and fill out the form (which ever one suits best to your needs) and reply to

Geometry Requisition
Horizontal Application
Geometry Requisition
Vertical Application

The Geometry fee to go ahead with the service is $75. Include as much information as possible and even photos/CAD drawing if you have any. Once Processed we will get in touch with you. If you have any further enquiries do not hesitate to call us on 03 9869 8113.


All measurements are from centre of hinge to centre of fitting mount. Follow the four steps to ensure optimal fitting:

1. Open lid to desired angle.
2. Fit cylinder end of gas strut to lid as per fitment & pressure guide.
3. Whilst in open position swing shaft end of gas strut to centre of fixed mount and attach.
4. Ensure lid is able to open & close without restriction.
*If the above guide does not suit your application please contact your strut supplier.